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Remember Mystery Men? Who was your favorite non-hero?

Pop art. “Vogue Gorilla with Miss Harper.” Eduardo Paolozzi. Chrysler Museum of Art.

Just what I needed!

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If you’re going to get lung cancer, this is the way to do it.

Me on June 29.

Me on June 29.

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The most awesome, blatantly obvious pill case ever. (Colley Pharmacy purchase.)

Newness. Go to Texture in Norfolk and check out their silver-spoon jewelry. Too awesome.

Don’t get grossed out. This is nothing. I haven’t posted the staples yet.

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Well. This hospital room exists.

The end is nigh

Friend:  Colley Cantina is closing?!?!
Deb:  Yep. Don't know how I'll spend my spare time now!

Compare, Contrast: Steve Martin orginal bit v. bluegrass reboot.

My McSweeney’s No. 37 came in. Yay! The binding is completely kaput. Boo!